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      20 years ago, I created an online automotive marketplace. The project was called AutoForum and for a while, it was a vibrant discussion board with auctions, transactions and human interactions that operated largely independently, without need of my interference.

      Little did I know that my little autonomous project happened to exist at the peak of the term’s popularity. Which term is that? Forum.

      n.: A place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

      Oh how things have changed in the past 20 years! A quick glance at the frequency of the term in popular literature and you could be convinced that the term has become politically incorrect, tainted in some way by some unsavoury events of its time.

      The popularity of the plural of 'forum'

      As we head into 2021, the term is most often associated with ‘support forums’ and not much else, leaving social media as the de-facto repository for the output of our collective consciousness, under the watchful eye of advertisers, influencers and data aggregators.

      And so it is that we gift the Agora to the world, as a safe haven from online surveillance, systematic tracking and behavioural analysis. Discussion forums or fora whose utility will differ from one user to the next.

      Whether you’re a Wanderer, Citizen or Orator, we hope you enjoy roaming the stoa of the Agora and participate any time you feel the urge to contribute.

      Happy New Year!



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