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      The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness happened. It was momentous, evidence-based, and universally ignored.

      “For four thousand years, a thick and impenetrable legal wall has separated all human from all nonhuman animals. On one side, even the most trivial interests of a single species — ours — are jealously guarded. We have assigned ourselves, alone among the million animal species, the status of “legal persons.” On the other side of that wall lies the legal refuse of an entire kingdom, not just chimpanzees and bonobos but also gorillas, orangutans, and monkeys, dogs, elephants, and dolphins. They are “legal things.” Their most basic and fundamental interests — their pains, their lives, their freedoms — are intentionally ignored, often maliciously trampled, and routinely abused.”


      Nearly a decade on, some animals ask: what next?

      Has the topic of animal ethics, cognition and welfare evolved? Do we have new, enforceable legislation? And what about meat alternatives?


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