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      There are some conversations brewing over at voicEd Radio, excited by a recent announcement by the Ontario government that promises that over the next few years, 60% of the funding by the province will be tied to a list of 10 metrics. According to sources, this is a move that has been signalled for some time and it is bound to change the face of post-secondary education in the years to come.

      The announcement and the ensuing conversations (I will post a list of these) have led back to the 1875 work of John Henry Newman, The Idea of A University. Here’s part of the summary from ResearchGate:

      First, he passionately defends a liberal education that prizes the development of individual intellect over institutional measurement and narrowly-defined skill development. Second, he argues for potential of the university to bring together diverse perspectives and areas of expertise in service of greater understanding.

      I’m thinking that we need to return to these questions of purpose and enter into some vibrant conversation about them in the public square. We may be too late in terms of impacting short term policy direction but, without the conversation, we may lose sight of the questions, themselves.


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